Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Concert paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Concert paper - Essay Example The venue received approximately 1500 patrons for the concert which lasted for approximately five hours. Event organizers ensured all patrons assumed their respective places before the concert began. Inside the church, there were VIP lounges at the front sections while general fans took the common seats. Prior to the kick off, ushers distributed program leaflets, which provided detailed chronological activities of the event to the settled crowd. The concert started just a few minutes past the scheduled time. Performing groups present were the University of Arizona’s Symphonic Choir in conjunction with Arizona Choir attached to the St Paul’s Episcopal Church. The two choirs teamed up for preparation to present an event dubbed â€Å"Serenade†. Basically, it was an event involving an afternoon of performance in praise of Christian hymn music. The University’s Symphonic choir opened with a short performance of the song, â€Å"How can I keep from singing†, which is a piece of art composed by Robert Lowry, a renowned hymn writer of American Christian music. The choir, under the guidance of Elizabeth Schauer, completed their opening presentation upon which they paved way for the Arizona choir. Arizona Choir, with the support of the chamber orchestra comprising of 10 members, took to the stage with a spectacular performance of the song â€Å"Serenade to music†. The Arizona choir later backed up their earlier performance with â€Å"Peter Quince at the C lavier†. At the stage, the event’s artist groups integrated both vocal and instrumental elements in their performances. All the music performed by the groups in collaboration with the chamber orchestra was Christian hymns. The deliberate selection of this music style was meant to fit the purpose of creating an environment for an afternoon of praise. The first song performed by the Arizona University Symphonic choir was purely a Christian hymn song. The

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